Okay so here it is the thing I have with people the thing I have to let go that I have to say and I dont care who reads this it could be my mom my dad anyone and I wont care because this is the truth the truth that everyone needs to know so now that I got that out of the out of the way let me begin .So Im a freak I love 90 80 movies /music and Im not from that time period so Im diffrent Im the only girl who has watch all star wars series and I know theres others that have done that before but thats not all I wear black but Im happy I wear chokeres but Im happy (why dose black have to show saddness) and get this I also love Dc comics I love comic books I love anything thats messie and I speek the truth (no this is not a tinder bio) so now that I got that out of the way this is my problem with people Im not socially akward or anything if anything I make friends very eassly but thats not the point the point is that us people make every thing diffrent diffrent as in I dont know judjuing people and saying oh she wears black shes Emo or something but thats not true Im nice Im not cutting Im not emo but people just think that way and heres the other thing people take things like crying and changing everything like a girl who dosnt have any problems or anything like that and is crying to get attention is just bull shit like if a girl who dose have problems and is crying they wont pay attention to here because they think she wants the attention but really she just wants to be heard and thats all I want to say thank you and goodnight.

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