The Government Sucks

I am not a Democrat and I am  not a Republican, but people get mad at me about that. I am 18 years as of now. I will be 19 in 2019. What really makes me upset is that the government does not seem to care about us. By what their actions show they either… 1. Benifit for THEMSELVES, and 2. They want money & just want the fame. Are they really helping us? In my opinion.. NO! They do not care about us. Trump is full of himself. The government keeps secrets from us everyday. For example, Area 51, They do not want us to know what happened because they are afraid we will go crazy about… 1. The world ending or 2. The possibility or an impossibility of Aliens actually being real. Well, why do they make costume and give us an image of what one might look like? The government do stupid things. Poor people have it bad. Rich people think their shit does not stink. WELL YOU SUCK! There are racists people who suck, rich people who suck, some poor people are rude, you have kids getting charged as adults for crossing the border to SUPPORT THEIR NEEDS ALONG WITH THEIR FAMILIES. If the world keeps turning to shit I might as well bury myself 6ft deep. You are full of shit. Trump sucks. But why can we all not get along? Because y’alls heads are stuck up y’alls ass. I love everyone but the only thing i hate about people are their actions. Stand up!

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Scott W Randall
11 months ago

So, what your trying to say in way to many words if that your uneducated? WHY is Trump full of himself? What has he accomplished, and what do YOU think he should have policy wise? I would LOVE to have a personal, or public debate with you on what he has and has not done! Your 18! which means you have barely figured out where your pe**er goes!! And we are supposed to listen to you in regards to what is best for a NATION??? You young @ssholes kill me. You have NO CLUE how one aspect transfers effects on… Read more »