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nasty juice e liquid

E liquids and vaping products Gone are the days when people used to inhale traditional cigarettes. As the technology has advanced, it has brought with it finely designed electronic cigarettes. Vapers can’t find anything more fascinating than the vapor products which can provide them satisfaction they strongly desire along with a classy style. Vapers love […]

The Latest Ecommerce Strategies Online Businesses Must Know

Year on year successful SEO strategies keep changing. As an ecommerce firm if you have decided to boost up your SEO efforts, you are on the right track to boost your visibility, reach, sales and profitability. However, you must know what you are doing. Understanding what is happening in the SEO arena and what other […]

How can start-ups benefit from ISO 9001 implementation in Egypt?

ISO 9001 is the world’s most popular standard. This standard is applicable to all the fields irrespective of the size, nature and size of the organisation. ISO 9001 Egypt provides an organization with a set of principles that ensure focused, informed, scientific and proven approach to the management of business activities to consistently achieve customer […]

Join Six Sigma Program at Advance Innovation Group

Advance Innovation Group has made a continuous effort to expertise in process excellence skills. Whether you are a business person or you are preparing yourself for the managerial posts in any department, you would be able to develop your skills as a leader in the industry. Advance Innovation Group based in Noida takes a big […]

Defending molesters

Okay so lately i’ve seen more and more people defending molesters.  People be saying ‘he/she couldn’t do anything abt it’ l.i.s.t.e.n those people are sick in their head, and nobody should defend them. I’ve been raped, i’ve been abused and what did the guy get? HE GOT 6 MONTHS PRISON  O.N.L.Y.6.M.O.N.T.H.S. I was and still […]

i hate myself

i hate myself , my life and everyone in it i want to put an end for all this crap put a gun in my mouth and get over with it but am too coward to even do that !!! i sound so sad at the moment couldn’t take my own life after i tried […]

Electronic Cigarettes – A Healthier Alternate?

Tobacco businesses wont confess that cigarette smoking can be a dependence but everybody else is aware it really is really so. And it’s definitely an addiction which is highly effective enough to continue to keep countless smoking cigarettes tobacco and also endangering their wellness. The blossom in cigarettes can be a carcinogen and tobacco comprises […]

story time

Okay so my school is so dumb and here is why .So this is a  story time so once I was a school and thier was this YMCA staff and he was so mad like all the time so this one time he was trying to get the line to well you know line up […]

school break.

I fucking hate summer break.I hate it I have been invited to ZEROOOOO of my friends place I hate it I just think that they dont like me at all .Summer break makkes me want to die more than I was at school God help .Fuck my life .

My friend

This is my problem so Im not the brightest in my class (Im in Middle school) but Im in the smart part of the class so I gusse I am so my best friend wants to go to harverd to be a lawyer and well most people migt know this but to get in to harverd you […]


I dont know if I just have the worst friends but in movies if your mad at someone your friends without asking any questions they will start hating that person well not my friends in fact one of my bes


Okay so here it is the thing I have with people the thing I have to let go that I have to say and I dont care who reads this it could be my mom my dad anyone and I wont care because this is the truth the truth that everyone needs to know so […]

The truth on what I want to happen

So this is a long story that I need to get out there .So in school there’s a guy I like him we have this connection that I can feel I don’t know if he can feel it too but still that’s the thing part one.This is the other thing my best friend is no […]