Is Vaping Straight Edge? A Noisey Investigation

Does God really exist? Does science support climate change? Is vaping straight-edge?These are some of the questions that have baffled the minds of scholars, doctors, and hardcore intellects across the country. Their minds have been plagued with the gray areas of self-evaluation and moral crossroads. Do you break edge for a puff of Cocoa Puff-flavored water vapor? Is it even technically breaking edge?Jokes aside, what started as a curious question between friends at the office turned into a somewhat worthwhile debate: is using a vaporizer considered straight edge? It seemed like too much of a subjective question to ever write an objective piece on. Of course, anything that contains nicotine is inherently not straight edge, because it is a poison you’re putting into your body. That’s not really debatable. But some people use vaporizers containing no nicotine at all, they just enjoy the flavors and blowing milky clouds on Instagram.We decided that This Is Hardcore Fest would probably the best place to conduct our investigation. From face tattoos representing the edge to grimy punks smoking non-filters, there are few places more suitable to find such a wide range of passionate yet different mindsets.

Source: Is Vaping Straight Edge? A Noisey Investigation | NOISEY

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