Join Six Sigma Program at Advance Innovation Group

Advance Innovation Group has made a continuous effort to expertise in process excellence skills. Whether you are a business person or you are preparing yourself for the managerial posts in any department, you would be able to develop your skills as a leader in the industry. Advance Innovation Group based in Noida takes a big step to enhance the quality to handle every aspect.

When it comes to the special Six Sigma program, our professionals with a vast experience in the industry bring specific industry related examples to the participants for sound understanding about all possible aspects.  Following are few terms that you will frequently come across while studying about Six Sigma courses.

  • Six Sigma Green Belt
  • Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Six Sigma MBB
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • MSA
  • SPC
  • Data Analysis
  • Minitab

Focusing on the practical use of all technical skills and tools in the industry, we have increased the time span for the course. We understand that six sigma courses are not a cup of tea for learners, it takes time to be understood and brought to the practical use. Most of the other institutes offer the course within only a few days and the people do not get a proper time to understand the aspects to their depth. They provide the course only to complete it but don’t focus on the practical use.  But we understand how the participants can take a full advantage of the course. So, we provide a proper duration to learn every aspect exactly. Even after completing your course, you can be in touch with the professionals who are geared up to help you solve your problems in your practical implementation tools and software in your organizations wherever you are working.

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