Registration numbers for CAT 2018 must not bother you!

Grapevine says that for CAT 2018 about 2.30 Lakh CAT aspirants have registered but how does that bother you? That’s the moot point. Last year too figure was more than 2 lakh but eventually 1.78 lakh have actually taken CAT 2017.

First thing first for focused aspirants like you, please don’t bother about this irrelevant news as these figures won’t help you either way. On the contrary, you are benefited in one way that the more the aspirants the more the competition and you as serious aspirant might get better chance to score percentile. Yes, you got it, the probability factor!

Now about news which continues to float every year by some vested parties as that helps them commercially whereas for CAT aspirants, it is not only irrelevant but has nil consequences what so ever.

CAT aspirants are sincerely advised to remain focused with your CAT preparation as that will help you more than procedure or arrangement of conducting CAT which is the responsibility of CAT conducting body.

You have almost no time left for your revisions which should be SWOT analysis based. You must bother for your clarity on fundamentals of Quant, Arithmetic’s percentages, time & distance problems, number crunching and algebra, trigonometry.

You need to practice for Reading comprehension which is very tricky in CAT. The other areas wherein RC can fox you are vocabulary and redundant words which you need to leave while reading RC stanzas otherwise you might land at wrong answer.

VARC section in CAT 2018 will be a game changer as that provides you both a great scope for gaining percentile and losing miserably in CAT. It is this section which looks easy but is manifested with multiple hurdles in areas of words meaning, comprehension of context and manoeuvring of sentences.

You just can’t be the best for RC overnight; it is your basic understanding of language that will keep you ahead in RC hence, please practice a lot. It would be sincere advice to read editorials of national dailies and practice on them.

DILR section is also a test for your interpretative acumen and this too demands a great deal of practice so, mock tests are panacea for acing this section.

QA section is always a deadly section of CAT year after year and the moment you misfire in this first section, you are almost displaced in CAT, so practice without delay.

CAT aspirants must not deviate from preparation and any news which otherwise is coming from official source of CAT conducting body must not bother you at all. Please remember that for any such news which should come to you will be communicated you through SMS or mails by CAT authorities.

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