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The Times, They Are A'changing For Religion

It came to me the other day, I suddenly remembered a Pope cancelled Limbo, the waiting room betwix Heaven and Hell.Do you take the red elevator, or the blue one? They were faintly pearlescent, in keeping with the thematic lead of the…

Shut down Facebook!!!

Shut down Facebook!!!!  Facebook is an evil homo sex loving Satanic corporation!! It should be shut down!!! Facebook is so evil!!  It only allows pro-homo sex speech!!!  It does not allow anti-homo sex speech!!! Down with Facebook!!!…

Drugs in park

I think it's a shame that people do this and no we can not help that they do this its their choice but when they are laying on a hospital bed then maybe they'll rethink that they should of never done this. I think its wrong especially how it…

Welcome to America Land of the Deception and Screwed

Hello are you new to this place? Good take a seat over there and get comfortable. Welcome to America the Land of the Free. On the other hand, is it really free? We are going to set you up with all these incentives to get you moving. In reality,…

Company Purchases

You know.... I can't understand why a company(s) decide to purchase brand spankin new monitors. Yet they can't upgrade or purchase new towers & servers. I'm not sure who generates the very tiny brain cells to come up with that kind of decision.…


In light of Phil Robertson's speech at the Florida Annual Prayer Breakfast that paints an atheist's family being raped and murdered by other atheists. Every liberal, LBGT, and everything that isn't right handed is up in arms. But in spite of…

Recall of yarn because it unravels. Are you serious?

I have just read an article on LA Times about a recall of 840,000 packages of yarn because it may unravel or snag and make a loop. Their excuse is that it would endanger young children. This is from a company called Spinrite that makes the…

Snow in Pennsylvania

This snow can really go away. Nothing like busting your ass while working outside.

Disney Frozen Brainwash

Am I the only one that things this atrocity of a movie has brain washed everyone in America. Talk about a forced movie down people's throats. And now we are working towards a 2nd one. God help us all.

Anonymous vs Sabu/Daily Dot

Today anonymous has been up in a roar over a new article that is on the daily dot. (Not sharing the link cause fuck Sabu) Sabu is notorious in the anonymous realm due to the lulzsec incident that occurred in 2011. Anonymous has a right to be…

How You Can Tell We Are Being Ripped Off By The Movie Industry

Many actors were seen this year holding Lego Oscars. This might prove to be rather more prophetic than they hoped, leaving the joke on them in years to come. If you were planning on becoming an actor I have bad news for you. Their wages…

Pics and Kids

If you are posting pics of you and your kid doing every day things... You must not get your kid that often. When you have your kid all the time you don't feel the need to announce it to the world and show pictures of the time you spend.


They suck! 


Need to stop being fucking wankers on facebook and claim every little shit and thunderclap is racism

Revisions revisions revision

The sucky part about designing is when you have to keep making revisions.