How American Society Shuns The View of Transgendered People

It is all over the media about Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce Jenner), about being transgendered. Some Americans are butthurt now, because somebody made a choice in their life. America cannot be taken seriously if we are going to discriminate like this!

Now, I am going to tell you a story about myself here. I am not transgendered. I have a family that I love and support. I have let people who are transgendered live with me. I also used to run an LGBT Community with a friend of mine. I never understood what the big deal about it is. It seems to me it is just another stupid excuse to get mad about.

The friend of mine that used to stay with me, I watched her go through a lot, because of this norm that is shunned upon by society. Good example is using the bathroom. I have seen so many looks with disgust when she uses the restroom.

Majority of the people like to go the scientific approach with the xx and xy chromosome crap. I like to ask you this. What about a kid that has down syndrome? Their chromosomes are not the same but they still identify their own gender too.

This just goes to show you how society does not want to look outside the box. Sorry folks, I rather hang out with someone that is gay/bi or transgendered because they are more well cultured than the average joe. Sadly, they know what you are doing more than the typical person.

Next time before you consider judging someone, walk his or her shoes first! Now as for Caitlyn, I give her mad respect and wish the very best for her.

To be honest, as I said from the start, I do not understand what the big deal is about it. It sounds to me, that it is just another excuse to whine and moan about nothing. Then again, misery loves company.

Much love all!

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Comparing transgenders to down syndrome sufferers is a horrible comparison. Down syndrome people can’t help it, and transgenders can. If they say they can’t, they have so self control. Whoever wrote this, you’re what’s wrong with society.


Sounds like you are a wee bit butthurt sir. It’s a great article. At least he is one of the few that will not judge just because of what their gender is. You apparently missed the point.


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Oh look, it’s probably the OP that couldn’t even form an answer now, Instead rather call the poster a faggot. Fun shit….