Why Transgenderism will destroy this world

With transgenderism now on the rise, and liberals doing everything in their power to make their lives awesome while striking fear in the minds of everyone that is normal, this is going to become a growing concern.

In today’s society, you are allowed to use any bathroom you feel comfortable in. Pedophiles and perverts are praising this greatly, as all they have to do is put woman’s clothes on and can go in a girl’s bathroom to see whatever they want to see. A tranny would tell you otherwise, but of course, if they have something to hide, they would say otherwise. 

Not to mention, we now live in a society where if you do not conform, you are a bigot. If you do conform, you are a hero and be given praise for being a freak of nature. With transgenders becoming more normal, a guy could use the men’s restroom and be called a bigot. The very same people that would want Michael Dugger dead are defending the very people who are doing the same thing.

Just be happy with the sex you got with birth. If you don’t, don’t make life a living hell for everyone else just because you’re miserable and want to mutilate your body for the sake of “being comfortable.”

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