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E liquids and vaping products

Gone are the days when people used to inhale traditional cigarettes. As the technology has
advanced, it has brought with it finely designed electronic cigarettes. Vapers can’t find anything
more fascinating than the vapor products which can provide them satisfaction they strongly desire along with a classy style.

Vapers love vaping and we love to serve vapers the best way possible. Wonder how can we
claim to serve better? We have a wide range of vapor products and E liquids which produce best

What makes Legion of vapers different than the other online vape stores are the reasons:

-Cost effective products

-Wide range of nasty juice e liquid

-Vaping hardware

-Fast shipping

-High quality

You can choose the vaping hardware and accessories to customize your vaping experience. A wide range of vapor products will help you develop a style with their high-tech look. The variety
of E-liquids serve your taste buds and give you the nicotine high you desire.

Legion of vapers

Legion of vapers has been developed to serve the vapers community in the most productive way. You can choose from high quality E-liquids and hardware available in our store. Just click the button at the top right of the home page and see the list of vapor products we offer.

We provide free shipping for the order of above 50£. The products are available on discounted
price for you to enjoy at ease. Fill up your cart and get your order delivered to you right at your


We have excusive range of E-liquids of many brands including different flavors. The brands are Air factory, Bazooka, Candy king, Dinner lady, Fantasi, only to name a few.

Hardware and accessories

We have necessary hardware range for the vape fanatics to provide them customize experience.
Hardware products include Mods, RDAs, RTAs, stock coils and sub ohm tanks.

New to vaping?

Vaping is the act of inhaling and exhaling vapors produced by an electronic cigarette. An nasty juice e liquid uk is used for this purpose which contains nicotine in it which turns into vapors upon inhaling. An electronic cigarette charger is used to charge the battery of th E-cig.

Vape trend

Vaping started becoming a trend since 2004. It became popular among the people who were used to smoking the burning tobacco. The trend of vape parties grew with the onset of vape products. The teenagers are more prone to vaping than any other age group.

Uses of vaping

Vapor products can be used by vapers for a variety of purposes. Some may use it for socializing
with their peers and some may use it as a hobby. Vape lovers even experience with different vape accessories and E-juices to demonstrate their vape expertise. It can also be used as an
alternative to aroma therapy and different herbs can also be used in it for medicinal purpose.

Why prefer vaping products?

Vapor products and Electronic cigarettes have many benefits over the traditional smoking items. Vaping is less injurious to health and bear many advantages over traditional smoking. The unpleasant odor of traditional cigarettes are no longer required to feel the nicotine high feeling. The added benefits are the variety of flavors available in E-liquids category.
Electronic cigarettes have a high-tech look. They are portable and more easy to manage. You can use them to lower the harmful effects of traditional smoking or boost your image in the social
circle. Vaping is also used by few people to quit smoking.

Welcome to vape world

Vaping is the best experience for a vaper when it is adjusted to his moods. We welcome you to our online store for the best E-juices and vapor hardware available in the market and waiting for your order to provide your nerves the soothing effect you desire.

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