Im feeling hopeless now. I wish to turn to dust and dissapear. Dissapear from this world and from everyones mind.

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Scott W Randall
11 months ago

Then do it! I am a fan of helping those in need, but if this is where you choose to find help, then your someone this world could do without. Overpopulation will be an issue soon enough, so thinning the heard out now just gives us a head start. I am not some Nerf the world millennial who is going to tell you it will all be ok, do like we had to do back in the day and GET YOUR S**T TOGETHER!!

11 months ago

the good thing you will turn to dust one day, its called cremation and its the future of burials, also a lot cheaper. i worked at a cemetery for about a year..i still have memories of asking to see the cremation machine and there were spinal chord fragments left over from the last cremated person still stuck in my head to this day. cheers