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This is my problem so Im not the brightest in my class (Im in Middle school) but Im in the smart part of the class so I gusse I am so my best friend wants to go to harverd to be a lawyer and well most people migt know this but to get in to harverd you need to be at the top of your class and well yea so she always says aye Cherrie (lets say thats my name) your always doing this wrong your always wrong but no offense and I dont really care but she dose it so much its hard not trying to get offende like I could say well Blue berrie (lets say thats her name) I dont think your going to go to harverd your not at the top of are class so whats the point if your not the best now you wont be in the futuar but no offense thats how it feels so yea thats my prob and its a long scents becuase I didnt want to stop sorry.By the way sorry for misspells.

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Ella again

Im in high school and trust me she`ll get over that phase. And if someone treats you in a way you dont like, tell them


I understand that you dont like being talked to like youre a child. Im in high school and let me tell you, shell get over that ¨Im better than you¨”act. Just give her time. Also if you dont like how someone is speaking to you then speak out. Tell her you dont liker her talking to you like that.