The truth on what I want to happen

So this is a long story that I need to get out there .So in school there’s a guy I like him we have this connection that I can feel I don’t know if he can feel it too but still that’s the thing part one.This is the other thing my best friend is no longer my best friend and theres this girl who used to be my best friend and she sings good and I sing good and my best friend (my other best friend my new best friend) was like you sing better and she can be lieing but shes lieing to make me happy and now my other friend was like there both the same but still what the hell .So now that I got that out of the way this is what I want to happen the truth .I was playing with my friend lets say her name is Jess and she is my best friend and then I hear my other friend who says she is my best friend and I hear her talking crap about me  (lets say her name is lucy by the way this is the girl who sings good) so my “best friend”was saying omg you sing so good better that kasey (thats me btw  ) so me and Jess hear and then I start crying and I run to this place where its private and then my crush (lets say his name is Alex ) is playing soccer and he sees me and Jess and how Jess is trying to confert me and then he tells his friends to wait that his going to be with me and there like okay and then Jess is like Im going to yell at lucy and her new best friend Alex can you stay with her and so Alex is like yeah .So then I start crying and he likes what’s wrong what happened so I tell him everything and then I say “I knew it I knew she wasnt my real friend how could Ive been so stupid ” and then he says “your not stupid and you sing better than her” “your just saying that ” “no Im not and kasey your amazing and anyone who dosnt want to be your friend there stupid and you amazing so amazing that I like you “and then we kiss (my first kiss yes ) and we become girlfriend and boyfriend.So thats what I want in life and I dont care who reads this Im glad this is out there mabey the person who I like will read this and he will know who he is and that will happen well bye.

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