Why ????

Its funny that people act a certain way .I have been in depression I have wanted to do harm to myself so kill myself I needed a lot of attention from someone I told my friends and it just sounded like they where tired with my problems .I’m better now  but know my friend who actually cares about me (she was there where I think was the last day for me) is having problems at home and shes in the same place where I am shes deppres and sad because of whats happening in her life.Just recantly my mom had a werdie dream and she searched it up and it meant that 3 people where going to die and as life has it 2 people have died and my grandma who is old is sick.I cried yesturday because it hurts knowing someone you love is going to die . So I cried and I have a “friend” and she cried today she said that she was sad when I know she isn’t she said  that  her parents are going to get a divorice when I know her family is Fucking fine so STOP FUCKING LYING BITCH .Sorry for my spelling mistake I just want to get this out .

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