Woman Is Suing All Gay People on God’s Behalf

Well we have yet another crazy going full-blown retard on the population. This time it is a Woman from Nebraska who filed a federal lawsuit against all homosexual people for breaking “religious and moral laws.”

Yes, I would like to say this news story is fake but it is not. Sylvia had a seven-page petition delivered to the U.S District Court of Omaha. Stating why it is a sin and the sinners know it. Since when did god force people do such things?

This is yet again another hater in this world that is trying to ruin it for everyone. Just because you have a problem with someone being gay, that does not give you a right to try to ban everyone’s right. Then this is how the hate population is formed.

Currently the court did not issue a summons yet and hopefully it will just get thrown out. Just the minds of some people. Where are your brains at!?

Check out the Huffington Post for more on this!

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