Microsoft Accused of Making Windows 10 Impossible to Block, Company Denies


The “forced Windows 10 upgrades” saga is back with a new episode, this time involving claims that Microsoft made the switch to the new operating system impossible to block.

And while this might not be such a big surprise for many users out there, having an upgrade to another operating system forced on your computer is actually a huge issue, especially because this could have serious consequences on PCs where work isn’t saved or backups are not available.

According to a new report by The Register, Windows 10 upgrades are now pretty much impossible to block, as users are provided with a prompt that has no cancel button. The only option they get is to reschedule the upgrade or start it immediately, and as we know, pressing the X button in the right top corner makes no difference.

Basically, this means that Microsoft removed the cancel option from the upgrade prompt, so whenever users get to see this message, the only way to continue is to actually launch the Windows 10 installer.

Microsoft denies all claims

Microsoft, on the other hand, says that all these accusations are completely false, and the aforementioned report is fake because nobody is presented with such an upgrade prompt unless they manually clicked the Windows 10 upgrade in Windows Update and accepted the EULA. This screen is what you see after doing all of these, Microsoft explains, so there’s no way you can reach this point without manually going through all the steps.

“The report is inaccurate. The Windows 10 upgrade is a choice – designed to help people take advantage of the most secure, and most productive Windows. People receive multiple notifications to accept the upgrade, and can reschedule or cancel the upgrade if they wish,” a Microsoft spokesperson said in a statement for ZDNet.

We can confirm that the “no cancel” upgrade prompt shows up only after manually clicking the Windows 10 upgrade window, as a similar message appeared on one of our PCs too. There are just two options, to reschedule the upgrade or to launch it immediately.

And yet, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Microsoft’s playing a fair game here, as it’s clearly pretty difficult to prevent the upgrade to Windows 10. And for beginners who usually click everything without even reading what they do, ending up running Windows 10 is just a matter of time.

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