100 Posts And Our Purpose of Speak Your Mind!



I am the site admin. I would like to thank everyone that has been contributing to this site. I never expected it to reach 100 posts already within just in 2 months time.

The reason I put this place together is because everybody likes to talk about stuff. It can be from a range of anything and everything. Everyone likes to be heard about their views. Usually when we speak up and somebody does not agree it gets censored real quick.

This site is to help avoid such things. When you press that post button, it’s on there for everyone. With the post topics though it will not be graded by what was said. So it does give you a fair chance to be seen before it goes on to the next posts.

We will be adding new features along the way to this site when it is as needed. Also we are currently in the works of setting up registration so you can keep track of any post you do make. At the same time your posts will still show up anonymously. This feature is currently in the works behind the scenes. We are trying to make it as intuitive as possible. Just to let it be known you can still posts completely anonymous without an account. We will stick with that core feature.

If you have any suggestions. Leave a comment down on this post. We always like to hear what people are saying. Or if you want to become part of our team, Speak up! We wouldn’t be nothing without you!

Have a nice day everyone!

The Speak Your Mind Team

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