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Rotting Catfish Found At Young’s Park in Williamsport

Today, I was at Youngs Park. The community park that is closest to my house. I was at the park with a neighbor kid, kicking around a soccer ball. The ball rolled to the corner of the park, near the entrance of the baseball field.

I went to get the ball and there was a rotten smell in the air, and I looked down. There was a dead dried up catfish! I was going to take a picture of just that one, after I kicked the ball around. While I was kicking the ball, it rolled further in to a corner. I came across yet another dead catfish carcass.

It smelled disgusting, and you could tell they have been there for a while. I’m just trying to make people aware that these parks cleanup crews that you have have in Williamsport, Only mow the grass at this park and that is it.

There was heroin recently found in the sandpit at this park. What they failed to mention is, they haven’t changed that sand in 10 years. There are so many sticks and cat poop in that sand also. So Mayor, if you care about your community, get the people that are in control of keeping the parks looking good to take a little more time at Youngs park, instead of just sitting there for 20 minutes on their lunch break!

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