Welcome to America Land of the Deception and Screwed

Hello are you new to this place? Good take a seat over there and get comfortable. Welcome to America the Land of the Free. On the other hand, is it really free? We are going to set you up with all these incentives to get you moving. In reality, you are going to be bending it over and taking it up the ass.

So what can you do to contribute to society? Get a job sir. Ok cool I am glad that I am working. Here is the deal though you will only be working next to minimum wage. Yes, it is the best job you have in the world. Let us not forget about taxing you!

Oh, its bill time here let me take your money for you. Let me overcharge your electric/sewage and your rent. Oh, it is too much for you. Better get another job.

You are doing so darn well that you are working two jobs now. Oh, how is your family time? Oh sorry when you are over here you will be working to the bone. Your family depends on you to work to death. Now your wife/husband is mad at you because you are never around and working constantly. Finally when you have that break to breathe. Your family is missing. They forgot about you because you are constantly working.

Damn such bad luck there isn’t it sparky? Therefore, you quit your second job to try to make things work back with your family. Therefore, you decide to go get a college degree. Oh hi you are about to go back into debt. You just got loans of 60k you MUST pay back after your college course since it is over with. Yay sounds like a great opportunity. Now you go through your courses while working that 1st job and trying to make things right with your family.

Good job person! You now just have your degree. It is time to get that dream job you ever wanted. Oh, what is that? Your dream job you said that would pay you 80k a year is actually 35k? What a bummer dude.  Hey you just got that 15/hr job you worked years for. Geeze you are kicking your ass over this now. You should have stuck with those two jobs huh?

Ok now you are working your dream job and the places you have been working for has a nazi boss attached. This boss person really loves to take a lot of your time up. Also if you disagree one time. He will fire you for sticking up for yourself. Don’t challenge him though, He will make your life a living hell day in and day out.

Oh man sorry to hear your bills are still just stacking up. That college you went to that you went in debt for is knocking at your door asking for payments. Too bad all the money you have been spending on for bills has not been helping out in finances as of late. And guess what? Your rent/electric/water just went up again. Also your groceries started going through the roof.

Oh no look at your now. Your loans just defaulted because you could not keep up with your bills. The debt collectors are coming at you because the bills you owe. Sadly, your job has yet to give you that raise that has been promised for years now. In addition, there you sit.

Now your other bills have dangerously been being shut off notices. Now you are screwed. Sorry about that loan you got. You must pay it back because you cannot declare bankruptcy.

Now you are steaming mad but no one is hearing you. Anyone that does talk to you keeps saying you are lazy and you need to better apply yourself. You know that you have been doing the best you go but the odds keep stacking upon you.

It is a shame when you never had money to begin with and you finish with still having nothing. You think you are living comfortably but you are not.

Welcome to America the land of Deception. If you do not have money you need to get out. You will have no programs for you to work with. Or have a program that will cut you off mid-way because you cannot keep up to their standards. This what is exactly wrong with us. We have been going in this stupid ass cycle for years but people have yet to realize the bigger picture yet.

Oh, you know the ones that have the problems are always medicated up. This is why the majority just keeps smiling and nodding our heads.

While we are under the genius mind control of our lovely government here. We like to watch the hate machine as known as our television to teach us how to discriminate and hate. In addition, anyone that talks bad about our government is labeled a terrorist right off the bat. Now do not take it to the streets and protest about it. You will be jailed and arrested for sticking up for your rights.

This place has no freedom of speech. It is just a miserable smoke and mirror tricks that are being played upon us. The rich fucks know how the game is playing and they keep us all separated in different races to keep us from being freedom thinkers.

As of the recent protests that have been going on this whole week. It should be a good example that is telling you that our system is fucked. No one is going to tell you that and we all know the government just does not give a damn about you. They have their own agendas and you are not part of that program.

Also while you are challenging your government. Expect your best friend Mr. Police to now and then bother you and set you up for every move you make. You had better pay their fines or you will enter the system. When you are in the system, you are owned by the government and stuck in a box for the rest of your life. If you do not play by their rules, you are back right into the system. Oh also if you play by their rules. They will still send you to jail. You are fucked either way buddy.

Everyone wants to know what the fuck is wrong with America. You know it. I know it. We all know it. Just we are so damn brainwashed and being ignored that the government has gone on to doing it’s own thing. How long will it take all of us to realize that we need to stop letting them fuck our shit up.

The United States Government is the biggest crock of shit I have ever seen.



Your Citizens 

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