Living That American Dream of Bills/Debt While Those Jobs Still Have Suck Wage

Damn, it is always a vicious cycle in life when you are trying to get ahead in life you always seemed to get kicked back 4 feet. Today happened to be one of those days.

There is currently only one income going on in the household where I live. I am currently still looking for work while my prior workplace keeps giving me a bad rep for standing up for myself. My unemployment just recently ran out as well. And you know when it is rough, things will start smacking you in the face.

Last week I decided as a preemptive measure to get my van checked out at the garage. Only thing that was told to me, that I would just need a new ball joint and would be good to go. The mechanic himself had a good look over on the vehicle to make sure that was the only issue going on.

Well today was inspection day, as I expected I would just only need that ball joint for the car. I was ok with it because we had the money allotted for the vehicle. Well didn’t go as well as planned today. Coming to find out that I needed new tires, tie rods, break light, rear coil, and a ball joint.

Honestly I think it is bullshit how it was not brought to my attention now before last week. I am not debating that the car needed fixed. It’s just the part how I was not told about this in the first place to get it fixed.

A fun fact about this the damn mechanic tried to up charge us about $600 with labor and parts but I know it is way cheaper to get the parts yourself. I am just appalled how these issues come up after a week.

The reason why I am venting because I am one of those type of people that is willing to work anywhere instead of one of those turds that rather just live off the system. The shitty part is just when you are working all the time, you are still getting nickeled and dimed on everything you do because nobody wants to give you a decent paycheck.

Even with this going on, my rent has been overdue for about 2 months now because of the lack of jobs around here which we were planning on paying today. Now I usually get quickly judged saying it’s your fault for not having a backup plan. The fun part is how are you supposed to survive when you have bills increasing and the paychecks are not going up?

I live in Pennsylvania that is a commonwealth state. Wages are usually next to living crap unless you are working the medical field/government. Now back to the situation at hand, I am currently handling it thanks to knowing a few friends. I just figured I give you a take on what my day to day struggles feel like.

I know I am not the only one dealing with this. I know other people have it worse than me. I always remember that because I know I could be far worse off than I already am. It just blows ya know?

Much love everyone.

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