The Dramatic City of Williamsport

You know when our city is in turmoil when someone speaks on the truth, or helps get the word out and all they care about hating on everyone. Welcome to Williamsport!

Recently, there has been a post going around ousting a business for the bad customer service that was occurring. While another post is going around regarding a nice woman dealing with lupus. Which one got more content? Of course the business.

This tells you much of what Williamsports Priorities are at. While the business did get exposed with the TRUTH!, the haters could not stomach that. Yet the same haters that think their shit does not stink does not even have the compassion to share a story about a woman that is currently dying.

Williamsport, what the fuck is up with you people. I understand we are all going through a rough patch, but where is the love? The Majority of you want to just sit on your asses pissing and moaning about a business that needed to be known. Mind you, that story got over 1,000 shares with a lot of hate comments.

Yet the Lupus story barely got 100 shares in. And next to no shares on the web. This tells me a lot about how Williamsport is. You all rather thrive on the drama instead of just being generous towards each other. I am ashamed to be in this town. If I had the choice, I would move out. Yet I cannot even do that because of the cost of living and being taxed to death in this city.

To anyone that is thinking about coming to Williamsport, just do not do it. You will get sucked dry and hated to death.

I ask you all this, how about speaking up for a change instead of spewing the hate? We will never get this city back if all we want to do is bitch and moan. SPEAK THE TRUTH!

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Williamsport sucks. Streets so rough they will rattle your teeth while driving on them, rude and self centered people, gasholes galore and the local trollops wallet hunting and hoping for the big score of getting knocked up by a gasser. Taxes skyrocketing, empty storefronts downtown and surrounding—exception being the law firms breeding like rabbits with the courthouse industry booming. Restaurants and slop-shops that sell the same old stale/overpriced garbage…… Yea williamsport is awesome to those that have never traveled outside lycoming county, anybody with a pulse realizes that everything from the infrastructure down to the people and culture is garbage… Read more »

Matthew Zarzyczny

That’s no different than the rest of the country….don’t act so damn high and mighty. If you’re really concerned about the woman with lupus, get out there. Put together a benefit. Raise some money and awareness. Don’t just share things on Facebook and kvetch when something digital isn’t blowing up. This is our community and it exists in the real world, not the digital. Get a booth together for the July fourth thing downtown and do something.



Paul Otruba

I visited Williamsport for decades. It was friendly and fun place to shop, experience some culture and eat and do business. I can not walk now without special shoes and bracing. The last time I had a set made from Williamsport Orthopedic on 3rd, I was surrounded by 5 unmarked cars, about ten plain clothes with that many guns pointed at me demanding what I was doing there. I just had a feeling that this was a bit unfriendly. Williamsport Orthopedic doesn’t make these shoes any more, hmmm. This seems to reflect the new Williamsport. I don’t shop much in… Read more »


It all starts with a good long look in the mirror and a change of perspective, my young padawan. Much of your post is spewing the same hate that you denounce. Tweak your vantage point a few degrees, change whom you spend your time with, surround yourself with positivity, then inward, etc. Everywhere you go will bring you down if you’re depending on that which is outside of you to make you happy. Happiness (a penis? Childish humor – one of the little things :p ) comes from within. As cliche as that sounds, it is beyond true. I promise.… Read more »

Always start within, and then expand out.