When people just go excessively far. This is what ruins nice people. Trial of Patience.

When you know a person is down on their luck, what would you do? Would you help him or say no? This is one of those moments, I wish I said no.

Tuesday started out like any other day. I was getting breakfast around for my girlfriend before she had to go to work. She got sick, so she did not go to work. While I was waiting on her decision, I had one of my neighbors stop by asking for a favor.

He needed a ride down into town so he could get to his river lot trailer. He also wanted to hit up the scrap yard, so he can get rid of some old things for cash. I have no issues giving somebody a ride as long as they put gas in my tank.

In the process of our conversation, he had a lawnmower he could give me since he knew I did not have one at the time. I was happy that I would get something to help my family out. Little as I knew at the time, I was about to bite off more than I could chew.

We made our first stop to his trailer so we can pick up the scrap metals, and load it up in the vehicle, then off to the scrap yard to cash in everything. On the way back home, we stopped by to his friend’s house to pick up his lawn mower. At the same time while we were there, he decided to pick up a dime bag.

This is a big no to me. I don’t condone potheads, but I have a problem with you picking up while I am taking your ass around because if I get pulled over, I go down for something I did not have any clue with. Since I was getting a lawnmower today and $10, I just let this pass up because I was doing this for my family.

On the way home, I happen to take the wrong turn on a road; this dude starts spazzing out on me because of not making a right turn. That is when I realized something was not right about this person. I ignored him in the process of his bitching while I went on the right street to get back home.

Now back at my house, he was making sure the lawn mower he was giving me was working, He wasn’t paying attention on what he was doing. That is when he hit concrete with the lawn mower blade. Now when something like this happens, you usually do not take much damage with it. Instead, he runs over it over two more times and caused the blade to bend.

Now at this point, I am pissed off, I went through all this trouble just to watch this dude fuck my lawn mower up now. Sad part is, you can tell he did not care. He just stopped and went back up to my porch to grab a beer and proceed to tell me to get my old mower out to get the blade.

The old mower of mine was buried well into the shed. In addition, it happens to have a wasp nest inside the shed too. I decided to not to get it. Instead, this person comes into my shed and just yanks it out of there, while damaging some items that have been in my storage shed. Trust me, at this time I was fuming mad. Just not showing it.

After him taking the mower out, he decided to change his mind. I am what the fucking at this point. So, I decided to say hey I got other things to do. Making my attempt to get him away from my house. Instead, he responds about me being lazy and I should go get him beer. Who in the fuck does this person think he is? At this point, I am figuring in my head he has something not right in his head going on.

After an hour of trying to get him to leave, he takes his leave only to give me $7 instead of $10. I could not care less at that point. He stated he would come back tomorrow to fix the blade. Once again, at this point, I could care less. I just wanted this dude gone. After he left, I realized he left a few items in my van still, I took them down to his house only to be greeted to a dog trying to attack me. Talk about putting the icing on the cake. If it were not for me having a kid to raise, I could have throat punched this ignorant asshole.

Tomorrow finally comes, I stopped by at his house to see if he was actually going to fix my blade or not. He tried to have me go on a trip with him again to do scrapping. This time I said no, then, he decided to try to guilt trip me into trying to take him down. This time I held my ground. I will never do business with this guy again!

Now, I should of not gave him this many chances. I should have stopped right after the whole weed situation. I know it was quite stupid of me to let him get this far with what he was doing. At this time, I went against my intuition, just so I could be able to get a mower for my house, to help my family. It was looking like a jungle for the past two weeks.

Sometimes all I can say, when you are generous towards someone else, you may bite off more than you can chew. At the same time though, I will not stop being nice. I will still help anyone that needs it, but I will be damned to let someone walk over me like this ever again. I did fix the lawn mower today to get my yard done though!

I know some people are sitting there saying, YOU DESERVE IT!. Yeah, I know I did. At the same time, when you are dealing with a loose cannon, you do not want to over step yourself and cause more damage than what was done.

Being nice hurts so fucking bad at times……

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Shady people know all too well how to make you feel sorry for them to get things.


Next time skip the dime bag stop!