Pathetic Old Man @Mooch1978 Harasses Kid At Gamestop

You may remember this article posted on Speak Your Mind a few months ago:
Microsoft Inviting Racists To E3 – Calling Out @The_CrapGamer

The_CrapGamer hangs out with another anti-Sony racist called Mooch1978, this 37 year old is one of those true blue all American red neck types, he hates ANYTHING non American, which is clearly evident in a clip from what of his broadcasts which was uploaded by BLACKBOND:

What Mooch1978 claims, is that he asked some kid who was buying a PS4, why he would buy it and not buy American.

Now i don’t give a fuck what stable you align yourself too, in my opinion, all games consoles are fucking awesome, but when you stand in a fucking line in a Gamestop store and harass some kid for ‘not buying American’, you have gone way past fanboyism and stepped into the Xenophobia and Racism area.

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