My daughter posts all of these cutesie little posts that children of addicts are very forgiving, loving, kind, accepting, and understanding, meanwhile she judges me, she belittles me, she says hate filled hurtful things about me. She puts on a act for her foster family and makes profiles under names where they’ll never find her and then the real her comes to surface. She’s doing pot, she’s drinking, she’s having sex, she’s a chameleon. She pretends to be something And someone she’s not. I am not the bad guy. She listens to lies, and made up rumors about me, these are people that just want to hurt me, because they have daddy issues, married women in their 20’s, with kids, and they claim I stole their father away from them. He’s almost 50 he’s in love and just as entitled to live a happy life like they are. I moved and he followed, he couldn’t and still can’t get far away enough from one of his daughters, she lied to the law about him thus making her the snitch he always warned me that she is. She stole his only means of transportation, forged the title over to herself and sold it. She sent my daughter ridiculous emails, none of which any word she wrote was true. They both inboxed my daughter but at least one of them and I have the relationship we once had, she let me read the email she wrote, my daughters response, and she showed me the emails her evil sister(just like her nasty mother), sent my daughter, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My husband nearly hit the floor he always knew she was a bad seed, a spoiled little rotten to the core sleazy bitch. He is sick to his stomach that she could lie to a child like that, little piece of shit thought that she was hurting me, but in actual reality she hurt my daughter beyond repair. Her husband who has the world’s hugest nose in the world, has turned her into him, a selfish, lying, greedy, self centered, little bitch. He’s lazy can’t keep a job more than a couple weeks, his excuse is always he’s being treated unfairly. Keep snorting your cocaine you sneaky, spiteful, pig. 14 and sleeping with a 26 year old, but I know that’s what your disgusting mother taught you to be a whore, liar, druggie, pill popping, psycho.

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